Saturday, August 20, 2016


Deception pass

picturesque isnt it?

Except when we got there we were greeted by an altogether different sight.................

I think it was around this area that Dunc had me scramble up some hill to see a waterfall which turned out to be so shrouded in mist that we could only hear it but not see it.

Whales from Anacortes

 The boat captain was headed North into some pretty horrible weather off Canada when someone spotted this family of Orcas in the sunshine, we spent a couple of hours following them round the islands before heading back.


Well it was a nice trip, not as much contemplating of scenery as I am used to but we kept ourselves amused.
Here are the highlights

A trip to the Boeing factory to see the 777 and 787 being built- no photos, no bags no drinks no toilets for the tour but we made up for it plane spotting from the grass bank afterwards, Dreamlifter, Antonov 124 all the big stuff!

Friday, August 5, 2016

What, No scenery?

Al and I spent a nice time in the lounge eating a full English breakfast and drinking coffee, ambling to the gate we bemoaned the fact that we would be loaded on a bus and driven what feels like halfway round the airport to the plane....... There was a bit of screen peering and mumbling when Al handed over his boarding pass and the lady gave him a new one. Ah.. I thought, he's been moved, I hope they move me as well or there will be limited conversation on the flight over. When it came to my turn I found out that there was indeed going to be limited conversation because we had both been upgraded to First class. This happened to me once about 10 years ago and I have turned down a couple of upgrades so this was the first time for Al and the second time for me!!!

I didnt get to take full advantage because I slept for a good 5 hours of the flight but I remember waking up to see Al had the beef for lunch and waking up to someone laying a quilt over me which was nice. gin count 1 champagne count 1  

The locks
The locks arent like ours where you jump off the boat and wind them open with a handle, a bit of a bigger scale... they even have a fish ladder where the salmon can climb upstream (no not literally) because the dam blocks their way.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

End of the chapter

 It has been on  my mind for a while that I should leave my job and start work on my bucket list, truth be told I should have left a couple of years ago but circumstances dictated that I stay on and continue to earn a crust to support Al and make sure we were financially stable. Even though not one of the designer sunglasses wearing, German car driving genre I have had a good year, done a lot of work and was satisfied that it was time to move on...........

It was touching the last lesson at school, one of my Y10 classes who walked up in a line to sheepishly pass cards and gifts and a card from a girl I hadnt taught for a couple of years which made me cry. I am not sure half of those listening to my speech who were recruited in the last 3 years had the faintest idea who I was but I said my piece, collected my bag and closed the chapter.

Quite by chance a job came up at another school not too far away and I got it, its a similar sort of school but with smaller classes, more prep time and a 6th form tutor group, given the advantages it would be rude to grumble about having to buy your own planner and no free food on TD days!

 I have been going into the new school on some of my days off for a few weeks before the end of term so I can hit the ground running in September, its a nice place with a good sense of fun so it will do me good to get a different perspective on teaching, having said that I will probably be in tears at the end of the first day!